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Norton has been in the antivirus manufacturing industry for very long and no doubt people have loved it for various good reasons. It offers several products that can be easily downloaded via with a variety of features so that a user can choose from the wide range of the product which fits his requirements the most. The primary purpose of having an antivirus solution is that it secures our digital as well as cloud space. Along with various other features, it renders sophisticated real-time data protection and safe family features. The product is an ideal option for business professionals because it has features that help them in protecting a large amount of database of the employees. – get norton setup 2019 for advance protection

There are numerous features packed in a single Norton product therefore it is impossible to discuss all of them separately. However, when you deploy the antivirus on your device, you will get to experience all of them. On the other hand, if you are using a local storage system, then it helps in keeping track of every location of your PC and looks for suspicious activities if there are any. Not only this, when you attach an external device to your system, Norton instantly runs its scanning task so as to check the presence of an infected program or virus.

It not only safeguards your online data but your offline data as well. All these best-in-class features can only be accessed by navigating to The PC optimization feature is yet another amazing feature that is included in Norton utilities. On top of that, you get to secure multiple devices using the single subscription of Norton and finally data backup feature is something you can never ignore. Now, that you have learned the essential and efficient qualities of the product, it is the perfect time that you download it on your device via

Prerequisites for having Norton on your device

There are certain things which you need to consider before initiating the process to deploy Norton on your device and these considerations are listed below:

  1. 01) Make sure that the device is showing compatibility with the product and for this, you can check the system specifications by navigating to
  2. 02) Make sure that you have the Norton product key or activation code available near you.
  3. 03) If there is any other similar program or antivirus on your device then do not forget to remove it as it may create hurdle in the process.
  4. 04) If there are files from the failed installation, then you should locate them and remove them immediately.
  5. 05) Ensure that the product key you are using is licensed and unused.
  6. 06) Create a Norton account because it is the first thing you will be asked for during the downloading process.

What is Norton Product Key?

Norton product key is a combination of 25 alphanumeric characters which a buyer requires at the time of downloading and activating a subscription. When you go online or to a retailer to buy your Norton product, you are provided with a product key with which you can activate the software. Without this key, you will not be able to get started with your product and you also require it at the time of renewing your subscription once it expires. Users are advised to enter the product key in the same manner as it is imprinted on the retail card or you can directly copy it from your registered email ID.

How do I redeem the Norton product key?

To redeem the product key means to use it for the first time during the deployment process. Hence, the redemption process is quite easy because it will get you started with the product usage. The redemption process requires you to visit the portal i.e. and then follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • 01) Go to the URL.
  • 02) Sign in to your Norton account or create a new one.
  • 03) Enter the product key when prompted.
  • 04) Now, you are all set to use Norton.

If you receive a message saying that this key doesn’t exist, then it indicates that it has not been activated yet. Ask the retailer or the provider to activate it for you so that you can start using your Norton product without any further ado. You may also go to the “Download Center page” and also you should save it for completing the upcoming steps.

Easy steps to download Norton

Follow the instructions given below for successfully downloading your Norton product:

  • 01) Using your web browser, go to
  • 02) Login to your registered Norton account or create a new one.
  • 03) After signing in, go to the “Get Started” pane.
  • 04) Further, enter your Norton activation code.
  • 05) You can retrieve your code from the confirmation email.
  • 06) Opt for auto-renewal service or skip for now.
  • 07) Choose the desired Norton product from your account.
  • 08) Click “Download” to initiate downloading.
  • 09) Either “Run” or “Save” the file based on your browser.
  • 10) Continue with the installation process from the next section.
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