How to activate or renew Norton subscription or license?

To keep your device updated with the latest security solution, it is necessary that you keep on renewing your Norton subscription as soon as it expires. If you are using the trial version of the product and you are happy with the services provided by it, then you must subscribe and purchase the fully-featured Norton products via You may go through the following sections if you want to activate or renew your Norton subscription to give all-round protection to your PC.

Before moving on, make sure that your device is receiving a proper Internet connection. To avoid the hassle of renewing your Norton subscription, again and again, you can also choose to go for the “Norton Automatic Renewal” service. There are three methods through which you can activate or renew your Norton subscription and these are discussed in depth below.

Steps to active or renew Norton subscription

By purchasing a subscription

In case you have bought the renewal of the Norton product, then you must download and install it on the devices that you want to protect. You can easily do this by logging into your Norton account and then following a few simple steps:

  1. Start your pre-installed Norton product.
  2. When the “My Norton Window” opens, click on the “Open” button that you will find next to “Device Security”.
  3. From the main window, click on the option that reads as “Renew” Or “Activate Now”.
  4. When Norton’s subscription window opens, tap on “Buy a subscription”.
  5. Now, go through the renewal page and give your purchase a review.
  6. Further, tap on “Buy Now” or “Subscribe Now”.
  7. Provide your login details when prompted.
  8. Now, you have to enter the billing details and finally place the order by making the payment.

Using a product key or code

  1. Start Norton and click “Open” next to “Device Security”.
  2. You may choose to click either “Activate Now” or go to the next step for product renewal.
  3. To renew your subscription, tap on “Help” present under “ACCOUNT INFORMATION”.
  4. Further, tap on “Enter Product Key” and enter the code.
  5. Click “Next” to complete the process.

Using a subscription license associated with your account

Since your Norton license is automatically stored in your account, you can easily renew or activate your subscription:

  1. Start Norton and tap “Open”. You may find this next to “Device Security”.
  2. When the main window of the product opens, tap “Activate Now”.
  3. Provide your login details when prompted by the installer and click “Next”.
  4. Enter the product key and you are done.


In case you are unable to renew or activate your Norton product, then chances are that you have already used your product key or you are using an unlicensed product. To check the expiration date of your product, you may directly navigate to Norton’s Official Website. Try to contact the provider so that he can help you in resolving the issue. In case the issue persists, contact the support team for effective guiding solutions.

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