Factors to consider for safeguarding a newly purchased gadget

If you are tech freak who is in the habit of purchasing smart devices including smartwatches, wearable tech, and other such gadgets, then this article will prove to be helpful for you and you are suggested to read through it till the end. If you are an owner of such devices or gadgets, then you must provide protection against virus attacks and other malware because you never know when your gadget catches a prying eye.

Things to consider before/after buying a gadget

  • The insurance factor- If you recently purchased a very costly gadget then it is worthy of insurance and vice versa. You can ask your device or gadget manufacturer to insure your device. You can also take the help of third-party sources to help you with the insurance. Certain insurance plans cover water damage in addition to theft.
  • Install security software on it- You are suggested to install and run security software such as Norton 360 Deluxe which is an advanced program that protects your device against various harmful intruders.
  • Enable passwords- several persons make huge mistakes while selecting or creating a password for their devices or user accounts. People usually select a password that is easy for them to remember but this is the point where they make a huge mistake. Hence, you should not use easy passwords and instead use a strong one that contains numbers, symbols, and letters. It is a good idea to change your passwords to protect your privacy.
  • Passcodes- phone passcodes are essential and add yet another layer of security to your tech devices. You may like to open your phone with a single swipe but there is a higher risk involved in it. Hence, add two-step authentication which can be only be passed by you. Update the software regularly- you should regularly update your software to provide it with an additional layer of security on your devices. Outdated software could be more vulnerable to hackers.
  • Safe Wi-Fi use- you are suggested to connect your phone, tablet, laptop, and other such devices to only secured Wi-Fi networks. Either connect it through a secure VPN or do not connect if it is not necessary. Using a VPN, you can send or receive data securely because a VPN encrypts the information in and out. With this, you also get the assurance that nobody is spying on your online activities.

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What else can you do to protect your digital world?

  • Do not forget to file a complaint about your lost or stolen device so that nobody could misuse your guise.
  • You should read the privacy policies completely before accessing or downloading any app that is unknown to you.
  • Two-factor authentication is the key to securing any device or software or an app.
  • Deploy anti-malware, firewall, or other security products wherever it is possible.


Make sure that you keep these points in mind every time you go out to buy a new gadget or think of downloading an application. Deploy Norton security products on each device you have and stay updated with the things related to your product.

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