How to Update and Transfer License of Norton Antivirus

Norton is popular antivirus software, installed by millions of users across the world. It is trustworthy name when it comes to protecting users’ data and computers by its robust technology. Norton prevents cyber attacks and defends users against virus, malware and online frauds; it also warns users if they venture into fake websites.

Norton offers choice to its users depending upon what their requirements are. One can download Norton for his smart phone, windows and even iOS. The products depend upon the kind of security a user requires and varies in price too.

So, let us discuss some common questions that you may want know about Norton Antivirus

How do I update Norton Antivirus?

Before we learn on how to update your Norton antivirus, it is very important to know that you should regularly keep checking for updates. This is because, updates bring in the latest security features and make sure that you or the user is protected against online threats. So, follow the simple steps to update your Norton antivirus.

  1. Open Norton Antivirus by double-clicking on the icon present on the desktop
  2. Now open your web browser and visit
  3. On the webpage that opens, you will see a “Update Me Now” button
  4. Click on the button and follow the on-screen instructions

If you are unable to update or it shows any error, contact Norton support so that they can resolve your query quickly.

How to transfer a Norton License?

When you buy Norton subscription, many a times the subscription brought is for more than one device. So, to make sure that you install and use Norton on unused device, or you wish to unregister it from an older device and re=install Norton on a new device, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Sign in to your Norton account
  2. In the “Device Security” page, identify the device from which you want to remove Norton
  3. The device must appear with a green status. If found in any other color, you will not be able to free the license
  4. Click the ellipse icon visible under the device and click on “manage” in the menu
  5. Under “What would you like to do”, click on “Remove Norton” then click “Next” then “Yes”
  6. Now on the new page that appears, click “Install Now”
  7. In the “Install on New Device” page, select one of the following:
    1. To install Norton on the current device, click Download and then click “Next”
    2. To install Norton on a different device, click Send Link and then click “Next”
  8. Further, just follow the on-screen instructions to finish

After completing the above steps, it is sure that you will be able to install Norton antivirus on your new device.

Error – No license available

Sometimes there are errors while downloading ore re-installing Norton and one of the common errors is “No Incense available”. There is no specific solution to this error, as it depends on whether you are trying to reinstall Norton on the same device or transferring it to a new device. So to transfer it on the new device, read the above section about transferring the Norton license.

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